Jamesburg Press/Madison Printing Service, Inc. has been a premier printer in central New Jersey for almost 60 years.

    Jamesburg Press specializes in menus, and is the first and number one menu company in the Northeast. We are the menu experts for restaurants and diners in the region, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Our menus are of the best quality with the widest choice of styles.

    Our Menu Services:

    • Menu Consultation: Sit down with our Menu Man to discuss your budget and determine which of our menu products, styles and formats are best for you.
    • Logo Creation: Need a logo to establish your restaurant’s identity without paying the high costs of an ad agency? We have a team of artists who would love to help you with that!
    • Typesetting and Layout: Let our team of highly trained specialists create a distinctive menu layout utilizing trade techniques to enhance sales, showcase specials and / or high margin items.
    • Graphic Design: You can truly capture your restaurant’s image and theme at a glance through graphic design. Whether it be a simple one color texture applied as a water mark in your menu to reflect the wood of your interior or full color artistic creation using Photoshop; the outcome always adds to just one thing...originality!
    • Printing: Select from offset or digital capabilities for your one to four color needs. Any number of prints are available, all work is done on-site.
    • Laminating: We have clear lamination in 5 mil, and 10 mil.
    • Foil Stamping: Add flare to any paper, Clear Stitch Hard Cover, Pajco or Custom Hand Made Books by stamping the logo or artwork with foil. Colors available are metallic gold, silver, copper, red, green, blue, purple, pink orange.
    • Debossing / Embossing: To Deboss your logo you are making the impression down into the subtract without color or to Emboss you are raising the logo up from the subtract without color. Both can be applied to any Paper, Clear Stitch Hard Cover, or Pajco.

    Main Street Diner Menu Cover

    Luchento's Trifold Menu

    Nonno's Menu

    Black Horse Diner Menu

    Brick Diner Trifold Menu

    Country Kitchen Menu Cover